The Story of the Cat and the Crane // A cat is asked to go on a quest for a missing crane.

The Boy Without Fear // Listen to the story of Walker-Without-Shadow, the boy without fear.

true story // Everyone knows it's true, it's just a matter of deciding which version is right.

Solitary Hide And Seek // One, two, are you ready yet? (Lifting the burdens of old karma.) // M/M SEX


(it's) a kind of magic // Daisuke meets the love of his life.
Ghost Story


The Imitated Rose // In a private gentlemen's club for certain activities, two men in love meet. // M/M SEX

The Pale Girl // The world ended one day.

where morning has gone // A girl searches for her missing twin brother.

ka i da n // Oh, the stories I have to tell!

On Waking Up // He'd really like to, now.

The Disappearence of Granny Winter // One cold winter day.

il carnevale // The carnival! The carnival! The carnival is coming!

Laid The Unsprung Trap With Bait // A conman and his sister, and a general.

hopefall // Don't open it.

beauty and the beast // Blind Beauty, Female Beast

paradichlorobenzene // His sister is the only real thing in his world.