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Trick Or Treat -- 2005 // Various assorted tinyfics for Halloween.

Switched Up // Various assorted genderswitch fics

lemon party // Various assorted porny things.
M/F and M/M SEX

HaruKan 20
As implied, all are Haruka/Kantarou in nature.

01. suzu [bells] // Why won't they ring for Haruka and Youko?

02. mune no kizu [chest wound] // Youko tells Haruka a story.

03. sakura [cherry blossom] // Viewing them in spring.

04. chawan [rice bowl] // Can a person replace a rice bowl?

05. bi-dama [marble] // Haruka collects sparkly things.

06. This is mine // Haruka stakes his claim.

07. baito [part-time job] // Youko supports Kantarou's quest. Sometimes.

08. shikkoku no hane [black wings] // Haruka's are quite impressive

09. kotodama [the power of worlds] // There is signficance to them.

10. ramune // Haruka tries something new
xxxx xxx

11. I want to protect something // In his way, Haruka does care.
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12. issho [together] // "I want to stay with you."
Follows in order: 12 --> 19 --> 13 --> 14 --> 20

13. onsen [hot springs] // They visit them together.
Follows in order: 12 --> 19 --> 13 --> 14 --> 20

14. kioku [memory] // Time moves on, even for the immortal.

15. kega [injury] // Kantarou is injured in the line of duty.

16. ichigo ame [strawberry candy] // Kantarou brings them home.

17. tsukimizake [moon-watching sake] // A quiet night together.

18. kaze [a cold] // Youko gets sick.

19. chouchou [butterflies] // He sees them by the grave.
Follows in order: 12 --> 19 --> 13 --> 14 --> 20

20. Taisetsu na Hito [precious person] // And in the end, it starts again.
M/F SEX // Haruka/Kagura (Kantarou). Follows in order: 12 --> 19 --> 13 --> 14 --> 20

kagome, kagome // "If I became an oni, I'd want Haruka to kill me."

her new home // Youko spends her first day with her new master.

Weighted // Kantarou is thin, but there is weight to him.

Trading Farewells // Rosalie wants out.
Kuroshitsuji/tactics crossover.

Tactics Noir: The Case Of The Missing Moo-Chan // Private dicks, missing dames, the usual.
Haruka/Kantarou; Sugino/Moo; cowritten with Harukami

Yearfall // Together at the end of one year and the beginning of the next.

a thread through spring // Kantarou plays hooky.

The Shape in Dreams // Kantarou plays chess; Haruka bullies a mermaid.

an offering for the moon // A night of moon-watching.

Knowing to Fall // He makes the decision when.

In Cups of Tea // An oni walks into a youko's teashop.

Treads Soft the Cat // Raikou has a cat on his desk.

Five Truths About the Oni-Eater // What he remembers and doesn't.

Rooftop Sweet // Kantarou has nice dreams.

For Remembering // Watanuki makes a delivery.
tactics/xxxHolic crossover

and all comes to ash // Raikou goes god-hunting.
Takes place post-nue (tactics), post-Kazane AU (SO)


A Beautiful Thing // Kantarou kisses Haruka first.
M/M SEX Haruka/Kantarou

The Crane Takes Flight // Kantarou (and Haruka) help a man find his missing wife.
M/M SEX Haruka/Kantarou

Strange Attachments // Never get between a tengu and his rice bowl.
M/M SEX Haruka/Kantarou; cowritten with Harukami

The More Things Change // Haruka gets possessed.
Haruka/Kantarou; cowritten with Harukami

Running Out // One day, Haruka realizes he's losing time.
M/M SEX Haruka/Kantarou; cowritten with Harukami

Perspective Problems // Haruka just never noticed, before.
M/M SEX // Haruka/Kantarou

withered spring // "The Oni-Eater? Who's that?"
M/M SEX // Raikou/Kantarou

As You Wish // Kantarou is lazy in sex as he is in everything else.
M/M SEX // Haruka/Kantarou

What Hates You (Will Someday Kill You) // It's a mutual thing.
M/M SEX // Raikou/Kantarou

Heat // Youko goes into heat. Kantarou benefits.
M/M SEX // Haruka/Kantarou; cowritten with Harukami

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