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Birthday Mathoms -- 2009 // Various assorted tinyfics for my birthday
07-Ghost, Axis Powers Hetalia, Disgaea, Doctor Who, Grand Guignols Orchestra, Highlander, Kingdom Hearts, Ludwig Kakumei, Mononoke, Okami, Onmyouji, Pandora Hearts, Persona 4, Princess Tutu, Shadow Hearts, Shaman King, tactics, xxxHolic, Yami no Matsuei, Yu*Yu*Hakusho

Birthday Mathoms -- 2010 // Various assorted tinyfics for my birthday
07-Ghost, D.Gray-Man, Di(e)ce, Kingdom Hearts/The Princess and The Frog, Merlin, Mononoke, Okami, Pandora Hearts, Sherlock Holmes, Vocaloid, xxxHolic

Thirteen Drabbles (multi-fandom remix) // Various drabbles on a theme.
07-Ghost, Axis Powers Hetalia, Grand Guignols Orchestra, Ludwig Kakumei, Matantei Loki, Merlin, Mononoke, Pandora Hearts, Persona 4, Supernatural

Assorted drabbles // Various assorted tinyfics.
07-Ghost, Amatsuki, D.Gray-Man, Dresden Files, GetBackers, Kuroshitsuji, Okami, Princess Tutu, Shadow Hearts, Shounen Onmyouji, Supernatural, tactics, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle

The Jewels of Pandora // Wishes brought to Yuuko over the years.
Cardcaptor Sakura, Godchild, Final Fantasy XII, Kingdom Hearts

Trick or Treat -- 2007 // Various assorted tinyfics for Halloween.
Dresden Files, GetBackers, Kingdom Hearts, Loveless, Mononoke, Odin Sphere, Okami, Persona 3, Princess Tutu, Shounen Onmyouji, Supernatural, tactics, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, xxxHolic

Trick or Treat -- 2006 // Various assorted tinyfics for Halloween.
Kingdom Hearts (Alex cornerverse), GetBackers, Jigoku Shoujo, Princess Tutu, Shadow Hearts, tactics, The Nightmare Before Christmas

Switched Up // Various assorted genderswitch fics
Genderswitch // Bleach, Dresden Files, Firefly, GetBackers, Godchild, Heat Guy J, Kingdom Hearts, Mononoke, Odin Sphere, Phoenix Wright, Princess Tutu, tactics, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, xxxHolic

Teito Klein, what is your true life?

deal with the devil // An Akuma is modified.
Fusion crossover with D.Gray-Man

kiss/ssik // "You're old enough now," his father says.
M/M SEX // Implied Oakcest

without, the thorns // Gyokuran learns about her princess's engagement.

nighttime // Bastien and his beloved student.

pr(a/e)y // He wakes up so hungry.
M/M SEX // Frau/Teito

yours the only face // Frau graduates a Bishop.
xxxx // xxx

For Pride And Honor (these things i grew up with) // Shuri Oak is a proud member of his family.
Implied Oakcest

the things he dreams // And then his subconscious betrays him.
SEX // Related to "For Pride And Honor"; implied Oakcest

love is not a battlefield (but it's still worth the fight) // Mikage makes a friend.
Genderswitch // girl!Teito

Taming the Wild Teito // Done slowly and carefully.

Avatar: The Last Airbender
Not to be mistaken with the movie version in any way.

Bending to Give Way // Katara tends to her worst enemy.
Written pre-season 3.

Axis Powers Hetalia
Personified countries! The sound of a thousand people wanking!

for his loyalty // A nation comes home at last.
Hetalia/Merlin crossover.

and they won't call me mother, or sister, or wife // "They will know me or not by the strength of my life."

Believe // Shortfics

Ayatsuri Sakon
This is so old, oh my goodness.

Kanaete // Grant my wish.

Black Blood Brothers
My favorite vampire series, so of course it's not very well known. :(

And Miles Yet To Go // Cassa and Jirou meet again.

penny candles // One for her soul.

Once upon a time, before Aizen hit infinite level ups ...

In the Cold // It wasn't like he wanted them both to freeze to death.

Suffer Not Idiots // Then Yachiru grew up and noticed boys.

However It Starts // Orihime has something Ichigo needs to hear.

Winner Takes [___] // Zanpakutou battle

a sweet little thing // Aizen's so worried for his vice-captain.

Crossover drabbles // Yuuko and two wishes.
Bleach/xxxHolic, D.Gray-Man/xxxHolic

Cardcaptor Sakura
Still the best CLAMP series.

smokescreen // Yuuko gives Clow all sorts of presents.
Cardcaptor Sakura/xxxHolic crossover.

Hoshino is an official troll.

deal with the devil // An Akuma is modified.
Fusion crossover with 07-Ghost

Sleight of Hand // Allen teaches a magic trick.

a song of six and pence // The awakening of Jasdevi.

the seed of the devil lives on in men // "The old trip to Jerusalem."

childhood // Allen and the memory of Mana.

Places Where The World Ends // Rinali and a priate space.

Women's Intuition // Making the best of the worst possible situation.
Genderswitch // girl!Allen

a heartbeat close // Mahoja knows the important things.

Crossover drabbles // Yuuko and two wishes.
Bleach/xxxHolic, D.Gray-Man/xxxHolic

Chess meets Battle Royale with jousei subtext.

starts like this // Haruki kisses Kazuki first.

in the name of the king // For his honor, hail.
M/M SEX // Gara/Haruki

Sooooo oooooold.

Study Session // Ken and Daisuke try, at least.

In Summer // But sometimes you just gotta take a break!

With special love for the Watch.

unbelieving // Miracles don't exist in Ankh-Morpork.
The Night Watch

The Ordinary // They are not the most ideal of couples, but they've done well so far.
Sybil/Vimes; The Night Watch

The game I bought my PS2 for.

Red Moon // Earth Defender Kurtis, going home.

Home // Flonne makes everywhere she stays a home.
Best-ending spoilers.

Doctor Who
Centuries-old time-traveling alien seeks companion(s).

at the beginning of all things // He takes his granddaughter and runs.

Cowboys in space!

work in progress // River knows how things go.

Smile // It was all Kaylee's fault. Seriously.

Fruits Basket
Anime-based, really.

The End of the World in a Paperback Novel // Shigure's deadlines are coming up.

And Earl Cain, but as a general umbrella.

The Ways of Ritual // Sometimes, Cain calls; when he does, Riff answers.
Implied m/m sex // Riff/Cain

the necessity of breath // Which Cain needs to breathe.

Good Omens
The end of the world didn't happen.

The Care and Feeding // Aziraphale gets a new pet.

Harry Potter
With preference to the Marauder era.

Who Stays // What Sirius needs to sleep.

Heat Guy J
Probably the most well-adjusted main character you'll ever meet.

and lets it shine through // Giovanni's loyalty is to Clair, not to the Leonelli.
M/M SEX // Giovanni/Clair

No Friend Of Mine // Dancefic.

Follow If You May // Boma swears his loyalty.
M/M SEX // Boma/Daisuke

at last laid bare // xxxx
M/M SEX // Boma/Daisuke

Koisuru Boukun

wish for luck // The day of Morinaga's thesis defense.

The kids are not all right.

a candle, blown out // Ciel is old enough to know.
Implied underage sex

the color of red // Watson goes to a funeral
Kuroshitsuji/Sherlock Holmes crossover.

empty cradle // Madam Red keeps her losses silent.
Implied Grelle/Madam Red

Trading Farewells // Rosalie wants out.
Kuroshitsuji/tactics crossover.

Lost Universe
From the multiverse of Slayers! In space!

Waiting For // Time has taught Millie patience.

The kids are still not all right.

Telling Stories // Once upon a time, the story goes.

but here's the catch // Shhh, don't tell Ritsuka.
Implied underage sex/incest // Soubi/Ritsuka

but it's not a metaphor for romance // Someone leaves a box of kittens in the rain.

Matantei Loki
Norse mythology through the filter of Japanese manga. What could possibly go wrong!

Not with a bang, but a whimper // Loki at the end of all things.

Tomorrow's Not The End Of The World // Two fated enemies and their understanding.

For An Eye // Heimdall nurses his hate.

Now with different mythology!

for his loyalty // A nation comes home at last.
Hetalia/Merlin crossover.

Monochrome Factor

without touch // The distance between Shirogane and Akira.

Form, truth, and regret.

the wind in the trees // "Mother, I am ready to come home."
Mononoke/Okami crossover.

sex and violence (a horror story) // Ochou-san and the occasion of her two weddings.

in-between earth and sky // He honors his mother.
Mononoke/Okami crossover.

There's No Such Thing As Coincidences // A guest comes to Yuuko's shop.
Mononoke/xxxHolic crossover.


Youthful Flowers, in Spring // He sees her before he notices her.

Odin Sphere
Five stories about the end of the world.

on finding a babe in the woods // Melvin adopts a child.
xxxx xxx

Valentine // Drabbles for the Valentine royal family.
Implied incest/abuse

The Blood of Valentine // Ingway to his queen.

the names are symbolic // A little girl gets lost in the woods.

breath, bone, and soul // A vow between a wife and her husband.

she'll one day be queen // Melvin and his toddler cousin.

upon the bed, a girl // The wedding night of Odin's Witch and the Shadow Knight.
M/F SEX // Oswald/Gwendolyn

All hail Amaterasu, Origin Of All That Is Good And Mother To Us All.

the wind in the trees // "Mother, I am ready to come home."
Mononoke/Okami crossover.

always the same thing // Waka makes his choice.

homecoming // The birds are the first to notice.

in-between earth and sky // He honors his mother.
Mononoke/Okami crossover.

songs of the passing day // Waka has his own form of worship.
M/F SEX Amaterasu/Waka

thus was the passing of the setting sun // thus was the passing of a god.

RESET // The courtship of Amaterasu and Ushiwaka.

The Long Road // They finally go home.

Thirteen Facts (for thirteen gods) // Secrets and not.

I consider this more of a prequel to Shounen Onmyouji, really.

Her Mercies She Keeps // Butterflies do not live for long.
Onmyouji/Shounen Onmyouji crossover.

Ouran Host Club
I couldn't resist the once.

Bargaining // Kyouya and Haruhi reach an agreement.

Pandora Hearts
A series about memory loss.

life is but (a dream) // Gilbert after Raven.
M/M SEX Vincent/Gil

Grandmaster Draw // The first meeting between the adopted son of the Nightlay and the servant of the Lainsworth.

Quoth the Raven // The dark places in Gil's head, where Raven lives.
M/M SEX Raven/Gil

With You (My Love, With You) // He will be loyal forever.
M/M SEX Oz/Gil

and from your lips, the hallelujah // Break is only weak when it comes to the Lainsworth family.

bury my lovely // Break visits Sharon.

Persona 4
Proving that TV really can kill you.

Gone Home Again // Years and years later, you return to Inaba.

Princess Tutu
Fairytale into legend.

Dance (Shall We?) // The powerplay of Raven Princess and Knight.

Ravenson // The story of the Raven's fall.
Implied Raven/Princess (Mytho)

yon grass-green field // "There lies a knight that's newly killed."

Where All Things End // The first betrayal of the Knight.

I want to write like Neil Gaiman when I grow up.

story five thousand eight-hundred and ninety three, squared // All stories begin in Destiny's Book.

Minekura banzai.

Between One and the Other // Lirin and Sanzou in a closet.

Morning // Sanzo likes his sleep when he can get it.
xxxx xxx

Shadow Hearts
My favorite video game. ;o;

Confessional // Alice is running out of time.

Slowly Making Change // As time passes, she grows more accustomed to his changes.

sing my fortune, for me // Prompt: Sweat, Atmosphere - "Dancer in the Dark"
Kingdom Hearts/Shadow Hearts crossover

Shaman King
Do you remember this series? I remember this series.

Winterbride // Anna feels like a dream.

Sherlock Holmes
Mostly influenced by the 2009 movie, with references to the original stories.

Five Times (Holmes realized he was touching Watson, and one time he didnít) // Holmes is always very aware.
Implied Holmes/Watson

this is (not) your world // You will never be beautiful, but by God, you are clever.
Genderswitch female!Holmes; implied Holmes-->Watson

The Wrong Solution // One miscalculation.

breathe // When the world slows down.

the color of red // Watson goes to a funeral
Kuroshitsuji/Sherlock Holmes crossover.

Shounen Onmyouji
I still wish the anime would get a second season.

as it often goes // Masahiro cares for his niece.

For Want Of // Seiryuu sees the world moving and rages.

Winter's Night // Gods do not feel cold the same way human children do.

15 Things About Seiryuu // Seiryuu also changes.

The Adaption of Fear // What do you fear? What do you fear?

The Familiar Anew // Guren learns to shift his way of thinking.
M/M SEX Guren/Masahiro(/Akiko); sequel to "The Adaption of Fear."

Her Mercies She Keeps // Butterflies do not live for long.
Onmyouji/Shounen Onmyouji crossover.

and all comes to ash // Raikou goes god-hunting.
Takes place post-nue (tactics), post-Kazane AU (SO)

Stargate SG-1
/)_(\ Oh goodness.

between the lines // Daniel's beginning to learn to read.

Storm Hawks
I just really like the Dark Ace. :(

The Memory of the Father // Oh, and he does remember.

The Coldfire Trilogy
A priest and a demon walk into Hell together, and ...

Unnecessary Evil // Who thought mosquitoes were a good idea?

The Protomen
Distopian Mega Man AUs, woo.

The Doctor and the Rope // Albert Wiley meets Tom Light.

Anime-based, mostly.

The Shape of the Father // Milly has one son different than the others.
Implied Wolfwood/Milly

No Luck // Rem dreams of a new world.

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle
Not the best, but certainly the most inspiring for me.

The Story of Evil (Tsubasa Remix) // Once upon a time, a kingdom was ruled by a certain prince with a servant who looked just like him.
Tsubasa/Vocaloid fusion.

Impending // Twins are a sign of good luck, in Nihon.
Genderswitch female!Fay; Kurogane/Fay

when nothing remains to cover her eyes // She was never cut out to be a princess.
Genderswitch female!Fay; Fay-->Sakura

For Want of Kindness // Some women need more of that in their lives.
Genderswitch female!Fay; female!Kurogane; Kurogane/Fay

the fairytale's gone into hiding // Fay lets himself forget.

a nameless first meeting // The first meeting between the future lord of Suwa and his wife.

those things unasked // She doesn't really trust him, but she doesn't mind him, either.
Genderswitch female!Kurogane; Kurogane/Fay

The List Starts From Here // Learning to adapt to a false arm.

No Small Thing // Learning to give control over to her.

by thorn uncut // Prince Yuui meets a fascinating stranger.
Valeria AU; Yuui-->Kurogane

These Songs Still I Hear // Two versions of the same melody.

That Little Warmth // Anger suits Kurogane.

Thirteen Drabbles (world walking) // Variations on a theme.
Syaoran/Sakura; Kurogane/Fay

The Fairy Tale Try // Fay performs a scientific experiment.

Stupid singing robots!

Cendrillon // Don't wake him.

There's no such thing as coincidence.

wishes.come.true. // Himawari makes a wish.

There's No Such Thing As Coincidences // A guest comes to Yuuko's shop.
Mononoke/xxxHolic crossover.

Crossover drabbles // Yuuko and two wishes.
Bleach/xxxHolic, D.Gray-Man/xxxHolic

to the sound of clapping hands // Yuuko watches over her charge.

Thirteen Drabbles (What Do You Wish For?) // Variations on a theme.

For Remembering // Watanuki makes a delivery.
tactics/xxxHolic crossover

smokescreen // Yuuko gives Clow all sorts of presents.
Cardcaptor Sakura/xxxHolic crossover.

Yami no Matsuei

for outside eyes, unseen // Tatsumi slowly starts letting go.
Tatsumi-->Tsuzuki; Hisoka/Tsuzuki

The King's Burden // The grief of a ruler and the love of a servant.

All in Fire // Suzaku confronts Touda after Kyoto.
Implied m/f sex Suzaku/Touda

True Love // This time, Tsuzuki knows, it's for real.