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Kingdom Hearts

Multi-Fandom Collections

Trick or Treat -- 2006 // Various assorted tinyfics for Halloween.
Also includes a story of the Alex cornerverse

Various Songtags // Ficlets prompted by lines from songs (not necessarily songfic).

Trick or Treat -- 2007 // Various assorted tinyfics for Halloween.

Birthday Mathoms -- 2007 // Various assorted tinyfics for my birthday

Switched Up // Various assorted genderswitch fics

Birthday Mathoms -- 2009 // Various assorted tinyfics for my birthday

Birthday Mathoms -- 2010 // Various assorted tinyfics for my birthday

The Jewels of Pandora // Wishes brought to Yuuko over the years.
Various series; all xxxHolic crossovers

Alex Cornerverse

No Crowd // Or, How The OT3 Got Together, Take 40845
M/M/F SEX // SoRiKai OT3

... And A Wreath Of Flowers His Crown
SoRiKai OT3, Axel/Roxas For the memories you cannot let go.

Things Old And New
M/M SEX // SoRiKai OT3, Axel/Roxas The happy ending, the second chance.

First Steps // Settling in, sort of. Maybe.
SoRiKai OT3, Axel/Roxas

Born in Fire
SoRiKai OT3, Axel/Roxas Alex regains fire.

Where No Shadows Hide // Boredom can be better than the alternative.
SoRiKai OT3, Axel/Roxas

Eight Things (About Learning To Live With A Heart) // Alex's learning curve
SoRiKai OT3, Axel/Roxas

Tinderflame // Like sparks to dry wood.
M/M SEX // SoRiKai OT3, Axel/Roxas

The Sea to the Shore // Even without the sky, the sea will always meet the shore.
M/F SEX // SoRiKai OT3, Axel/Roxas

such are dreams // Do Nobodies dream of nonexistent sheep?

A Story About Nobody // Naminé lives in a (room)(cage)(castle) and dreams of the sky.

The Size of the World // Riku defines his own world in a small way.
SoRiKai OT3

she comes to make war // Kairi knows she could've let someone else fight her battles; she chooses not to.
SoRiKai OT3

So She Knows // She's starting to remember, but not that much.

The Things A Princess Is Made Of // ... and the things that Kairi is not.

(The Power) Behind The Throne // "Confidence - Marluxia thought he was in control, but Xemnas knew he was."

Come And I Will Sing You Organization XIII in winter, before and after.

Courtship Rites // OR Thirteen Ways To Die Trying

5 Reasons Riku Was Never Left Alone With Maleficent's Council // Among others.

sing my fortune, for me // Prompt: Sweat, Atmosphere - "Dancer in the Dark"
Kingdom Hearts/Shadow Hearts crossover


For Want of the Soul // Before Riku goes after Roxas the first time, he pays a final visit to Naminé
M/F SEX // Riku/Naminé

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