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Multi-Fandom Collections

Trick Or Treat -- 2005 // Various assorted tinyfics for Halloween.

Trick or Treat -- 2006 // Various assorted tinyfics for Halloween.

Switched Up // Various assorted genderswitch fics

Trick or Treat -- 2007 // Various assorted tinyfics for Halloween.

Birthday Mathoms -- 2007 // Various assorted tinyfics for my birthday

Assorted drabbles // Various assorted tinyfics.

lemon party // Various assorted porny things.
M/F and M/M SEX

As Close As Defined // Rena has to ask the question.

A Bed Of Flowers (All Smell The Same) // Juubei tries to find a present.

Who You Are // Shido doesn't understand Madoka.

S // "Because the 'S' in 'GetBackers' means we're never alone."

Perchance to Dream // Ginji, late at night.

PATH // Amano Ginji, and the path to Raitei and after.

Ordinary Business // Akabane on the job.

onsen fic // What it says on the tin

Just Another Day // Not the best of the days for the GetBackers, no.

In The Moment: Today // Ban takes a chance. Ginji answers.

Playing Along // "Ginji begs a violin from Madoka, and attempts to convince Ban to play it for him."

6 Drabbles // Various characters.

Words Without // Juubei, and the components of Kadsuki's name.

Smile // Makubex, childhood, and Ginji's smile.

Valentine // Ban has pocky, and Ginji's hungry.

puzzle pieces // Ginji likes how they fit together.

purity/beauty // Akabane has his own standards.

Not At Home // Ginji doesn't like hotels.

Mythology // Gen and his creations.

miles to babylon // Ginji, long before Raitei was born.

Festival // The GetBackers at a midsummer festival.

Earring // Ban's earring

dreamscapes // Ban is a master at crafting dreams.

Could've Been Worse // The first GetBacker's job. Is it okay to use "-chan" for a guy?
Written before the relevant arc of the manga was released.

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