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Fullmetal Alchemist

Multi-Fandom Collections

Trick Or Treat -- 2005 // Various assorted tinyfics for Halloween.

Whether or No // She'll protect him, whether or no.

Where He Stays // There was a part of him that always remained behind.

What Remains // Heroes don't always age so gracefully.

And So Remains // Trisha Elric remembers, and still loves.

The Song of the Lion // Looking back, sometimes, he remembers when it changed.

Seasonal // Ed and seasons, in love and out.
Ed-->Hawkeye, Winry-->Ed, Roy/Ed

And On This Night // Roy and Ed, not quite settled together yet.

An Office Relationship // Black Hayate as a chaperone. Roy's less than pleased.

mirror pieces // Roy sees parts of himself in Ed after the first kill.

Memento // Al sends Winry a present.

The Measure of Human // Al dreams of women, sometimes.

Man of Wax // Hoenheim and his sons.

Hammock // Summery drabble.

for waiting now // Winry contemplates Ed, and what might have been.

Follow Through // Ed finds the one hint he needs.

echo // Because sometimes, she sees him and knows why his brother loves him.

The First Date // Hawkeye takes pity on Havoc.

farrago // Kimberly goes through war.

The World Apart // Armstrong in Ishbar.

these are the // Havoc and memories of Ishbar.

The Tangible // Roy gets a postcard.

Soldier // Hawkeye and Havoc in the field.

Radio Heroes // Like the heroes in the radio dramas.

Progression // Izumi and Sieg, "at home antics."

The Pen Is // Roy is annoyed by Ed's new habit.

As One to the Other // Hawkeye sees the parallels in herself and Winry.

dogtags // Alicia keeps them close.

Fortune // Roy tries his hand at fortune-telling.

Morning // Al and Winry and a life together.

firstborn son // Hoenheim Elric names his first child.

Der Neid // He's almost ten, and not afraid of any ghosts.

Equivalent Trade // You can't get anything without giving something of equal value in return.

dreaming // Winry waits for her Elrics to come home.

Dogs of the Military // Winry and Roy, about being a dog of the military.

Bratja // Dearest gentle mother, we loved you so much.

Bouquet // Hughes in love.

The Body no Boundary // Scar wearing Al. No, really.

Become Again // Scar, Lust, and older disappointments.

As You Wish // What she doesn't admit she dreams.

Choice // Riza Hawkeye has someone she must protect.

A Time Sublime // Roy and the holiday season.

And Home Once More // Roy Mustang becomes Fuhrer. Edward Elric reacts.

All Great Mistakes // "In general, pride is the bottom of all great mistakes." --John Ruskin.

A Different World // A stranger makes Al an offer.

One Thousand Words // Ten drabbles, loosely connected, from before the beginning to after the end.


Cicatrice // Ed's used to scars, and Roy as well.
M/M SEX // Roy/Ed

Housewarming // Roy and Ed, a fancy part, first time and morning-after jitters.
M/M SEX // Roy/Ed. Cowritten with Harukami.

Knowledge // Roy prefers someone who knows him over someone who loves him.
M/M SEX // Roy/Ed

In the Night // Archer's night-visitor.
M/M SEX // Kimberly/Archer

The Shape of the Son // Envy and Hoenheim, and Ed between them.
M/M SEX // Hoenheim/Envy

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