This site first debuted in 1997 and was originally hosted on GeoCities. The move to the hanashika.com domain was made during the summer of Y2K after much swearing and irritation at broken links and FTP. Layouts are tossed together in Photoshop and get changed whenever I feel motivated/energetic/inspired enough to make a new one.

"Hanashika" is the name for a professional Japanese storyteller who usually performed orally on stage, wearing flamboyant costumes and usually doing traditional or comical stories. It seemed fitting at the time!


For the most part, I'm really easy-going about archiving. I just want to know ahead of time, so please ask me first. All I ask is a brief e-mail, and the URL of the page you're going to put my stuff up on, because I'd like to take a look around (I like to know where people are reading my stuff♥). I do reserve the right to say no, and if you're asking about one of my cowritten fics, please also ask my writing partner before archiving fic.


You are free to link to this site in general, or any individual story as long as my name is attached to it and credit is provided.