12.25.2K10 -- Happy merry happy everythings, everyone!

Somehow in the spirit of STAYING ON TOP OF THINGS (?!) I am updating with one new DGM/07-Ghost fusion fanfic, deal with the devil, and my two Shousetsu Bang*Bang stories (both original), Solitary Hide And Seek and The Imitated Rose. Both of the SSBB stories contain explicit m/m sex.

Here's to a good new year! \o/

10.24.2K10 -- Holy crap it's an update!!

HELLO EVERYONE, I thought I was going to be good about regularly updating, but apparently then I totally went and forgot about all of these noble intentions.

Since it's been something like three years since the last proper update, I'm just going to say that THERE IS A LOT OF NEW STUFF, in a lot of different categories. I've redone the layout, split up the fiction a little differently compared to before, and mostly have tried to streamline and make things look better. I AM NOT, HOWEVER, promising timely updates this time around.

The moral of this story is that if you actually want to see new content from me, you'll have better luck following my livejournal.

HOWEVER, as always, if you have found broken links within the site itself, please feel free to email me at nekokoban at gmail dot com.


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